PointBleu offers consulting services for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), governments, and businesses. In particular, PointBleu offers expertise in:

  • Development and design of educational materials
  • Training and facilitation in human rights and capacity building
  • Program and project evaluation

More about what PointBleu offers is presented here.

What's New

  • Supporting Global Affairs Canada through co-facilitation of a workshop in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Developing a self-training package for young workers on occupational safety and health for the SafeYouth@Work project of the International Labour Organization.
  • Evaluating the International Labour Organization's Global research on child labour measurement and policy development (MAP) Project.

Art for Human Rights

Artwork from PointBleu's Paul McAdams occasionally touches upon human rights and social justice issues. In 2017, Paul posted a series of drawings to recognize the 16 days of activism to eliminate gender-based violence.

More artwork here.

Personal Blog: A Change Is Coming

PointBleu's Paul McAdams occasionally writes a personal blog. Here is his last entry, from a 2018 visit to Malawi: When you say Zomba, it's like hearing my name.